The Mojito King- A little Sauma History

Here's a little background story on Sauma the Artist, before the Cuban Picasso came to life. Sauma was born in Cuba and traveled to the United States where he discovered that he was a pretty good cook who enjoyed culinary arts. Sauma came up with delicious barbecue sauce and decided it was great enough to bottle the product. Mojito Calle Ocho was born and it was quite a success, making counters of local supermarkets and chain stores. The photo of him and his new sauce was printed in the Miami Herald. The spread was titled The Mojito King. He headlined in that newspaper issue right above Donald Trump's smaller featured photo.

After the great success of his sauce, Sauma changed gears and decided to pursue his passion of teaching and helping others. Sauma went into the language arts field and transitions into drama. Sauma and his students put on a few award winning plays. He enjoyed teaching but then decided to begin his even bigger passion and dream, his art.